Crowley & Lautenbach

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Crowley & Lautenbach are committed to helping business owners develop themselves and their employees to bring collective success to the organization. Our mission is to enhance and enrich the work lives of business leaders and employees through:

  • Collaboratively developing systems and improving business practices for managing people to greater levels of success.
  • Supporting owners, business leaders and managers through the change process involved in strengthening and developing leadership skills.
  • Achieving business goals and plans.
  • Building a work environment where people are motivated to give the best of themselves because they are invested in the business.

 The foundation of our consulting approach is:

Understanding through listening – our first priority is listening in order to gain insight to business challenges and concerns. We clarify the issues, address and collaboratively resolve problems related to the management and organization of people.

Application of Experience and Education – embracing good management practices makes good business sense because these practices maximize the human potential in the organization. When people are effectively using their talents and abilities, they are happier and more content at work. Turnover is reduced because people are utilized appropriately in their roles.

Kenlyn J. Lautenbach and E. Marlene Crowley have been TEC/Vistage chairpersons (TEC 39 and 41) since 1993. TEC/Vistage is the preeminent organization for the professional and personal development of CEOs, delivering its members a unique blend of business resources and peer support to meet the challenges of leading and growing a business.

Kenlyn J. Lautenbach, partner, specializes in human resource management practices and systems. She holds a BS degree in Psychology from Western Michigan University.

E. Marlene Crowley, partner, specializes in organization and leadership development. She holds a Master of Science degree in Organization Development from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.