EQ 360

What is it?

A multi-rater assessment that includes the input of a wide range of individuals who provide assessment data for the person being rated. The individual employee being assessed, helps to select who they would like to get feedback from and the group typically includes a cross-section of people with whom the individual relates on a regular basis.

Why is it important?

We find people who are unsuccessful in their jobs are so more often because they have difficulty relating, in some way, to others. While technical skills or job competencies are important, research has shown that relationship skills are significantly more predictive of success on the job than intellectual capacity. In fact, IQ can predict success on the job an average of 6% of the time while emotional intelligence accounts for 27 – 45% of individual job success*.

It’s important to get a range of feedback about an individual’s performance because being good or a star performer means that an employee relates well to a range of people – peers, managers, customers, executives and owners. Work relationships are vertical, horizontal and in the shape of cross-functional teams. Navigating among various individuals at all levels is characteristic of today’s workplace.

The feedback received includes:

  • What may not be going as well as desired from the perspectives of peers, manager, customers, executives or owners.
  • What’s going well but even be going better, again from the same groups of people, specific behaviors that could enhance performance if put into practice or be modified to be more effective.
  • How to construct an action plan to ensure improved job performance.
  • How individuals will be accountable, with coaching and support, for behavioral changes.

“Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does”

Available through EQ360 and Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

*Richard K. Wagner, “Intelligence, Training and Employment”, American Psychologist, 52 (Oct. 1997): 1059-1069