Harassment Training

Harassment Training

Whether unwanted behavior occurs out of habit or lack of awareness about what harassment is, the results are the same. Someone is offended and the organization may not even be aware of the exposure that is looming. The behavior has impact even though it may not be intended to harm or cause someone to be uncomfortable. Even subtle behaviors that are offensive can create a stressful and difficult work climate.

…Through Anderson-davis’s award-winning programs, we offer online harassment training for Office employees and supervisors

Field employees and supervisors

Higher education faculty, staff and supervisors

Creating a workplace atmosphere where employees can count on being respected and differences are honored is often even more important than pay and benefits. Feeling comfortable and valued in the workplace involves all employees behaving respectfully of each other. And, if a situation does occur that needs resolution, that supervisors and managers are skilled in resolving behavior issues.

Harassment training has great payoff for the organization. Among the benefits are

Greater awareness of what harassment is

Educating employees about desired organizational behaviors

Learning how to eliminate inappropriate behaviors

Demonstrating the organizations seriousness about creating a work environment that is respectful to everyone

Having documentation about what the organization has done to prevent harassment in the event of an harassment legal action