Organization Development

Becoming a great organization doesn’t just happen. Organizations become great because of the way they intentionally manage and value their people. Systems, practices, plans and policies are present to support those intentions. We begin our analysis by asking questions:

How do people describe and define the organization’s intentions?

 How do systems, practices, plans and policies support the intentions?

 We gather information used for analysis by

  • Collaboratively working with the organizations to identify key areas of organizational functioning and managing considered to be critical for continuing or enhancing success
  • Develop questions and conduct employee surveys or organizational assessments to provide third-party, objective data. Confidentiality and anonymity is maintained to encourage employees to speak freely and honestly

Once the information is gathered, we

  • Analyze organization plans, human resource systems, policies and practices. We share our insight to people-centric organizational functioning and provide feedback on the effectiveness of management systems
  • Provide detailed reports for individuals, managers, executives and ownership for their self-study and insight
  • Develop action plans for achieving greater organizational success

We support organizational change and leadership growth by optimizing individual and group development through training, coaching and action planning. Individual, group and organizational accountability for realizing goals and objectives results in collective success. We utilize cutting edge technological tools as part of the process. We offer online and classroom training on leadership competencies at basic and advanced levels to supplement learning. And, with teams, we use group-specific tools and processes and discern cultural and behavioral best practices.

“What gets measured gets done”

Tom Peters, Thriving on Chaos