Performance Management and Feedback Systems

We believe that HR systems are present in organizations to serve and support the needs and intentional management objectives of the organization. No two organizations are alike. Organizational culture, values and practices vary. Therefore, HR systems and practices must mirror what the organization stands for. We work with organizations to develop systems and practices that

  • Mindfully define the organization in a way that reflects the spirit and environment they intend to emulate.
  • Distinguishes the organization in the marketplace, or sets them apart as an employer.
  • Reflects best practices for attracting and retaining desired employees.
  • Supports the growth and development of people while giving honest feedback and holding people accountable for achieving goals and objectives.

How does this development process happen?

Performance Management and Feedback System

  • We maximize performance through feedback systems and practices that entails working with owners, managers and employees to develop goals, standards and action plans to enhance day-to-day performance. Then, holding people accountable for meeting or exceeding established goals and objectives.
  • Coaching and development is also key to success. Our feedback systems involves many voices in the process as well as individual planning for success.
  • We focus on behavior. We provide the tools, insight and open up self-imposed barriers that limit success on the job.