Recruitment, Selection and Orientation

Building and maintaining a successful organization begins with attracting the right people to your organization. Then, once the stars are on board, doing the right things to keep their interest and retain them in roles that maximize talent and provide a stimulating work experience.

Recruiting best and the brightest begins with a carefully managed process. Our process entails:

Retaining good performers involves insuring work is meaningful, challenging and rewarding. And, that the work environment is open to new ideas, is flexible and supportive while holding people accountable for the work output. Employing exemplary communication skills at all levels helps to build a foundation of excellence.

“Working with Crowley & Lautenbach in our recent search for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has been a great experience. They take care of everything from developing the position description to screening and interviewing potential candidates. They helped us set goals for the CFO. Everything was handled in a very professional and competent manner. I would recommend them to anyone looking to fill a professional position”.

Wayne Nighorn, Owner
Nutrition Service Company